Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to fulfill the healing of America through comprehensive civic training.

What We Do

We offer comprehensive civic training in four key areas:

For those wanting to “get started” with politics by learning the basics, we can help in three important ways:

1) Organize

We can help you navigate the overwhelming amount of political content in books and on the internet.

2) Simplify

We summarize complex ideas into bullet lists and talking points to help you process information quickly.

3) Prioritize

We help you decide what information matters most right now according to your impact and educational goals.

What We Don't Do

Political Engagement


Although members of the American Center for Civic Training may participate in political campaigns and even run for office themselves, the organization does not officially endorse political candidates or specific campaigns.


Members of the community who attend educational trainings through the American Center for Civic Training are encouraged to become responsible and engaged citizens. Although we often invite individuals to become involved in other organizations, the ACCT does not use its resources to mobilize political activists.

Super no.

We passionately stand for principles and sound ideas and support the use of any legitimate vehicles for accomplishing productive and beneficial change.

Why We Do it

We believe that a faith-based educational movement with a solution-oriented message has the potential to heal much of the division in our country. This division currently prevents us from achieving a shared vision for a better America.

We intend to build a disciplined citizenry capable of persuasively articulating and advocating for hopeful solutions to America’s greatest political and social problems.

How We Do It

Our approach is unique. We avoid tribalism and focus on the “rifle approach” to healing America. We identify the greatest problems facing America and seek to understand what happened to the Constitution that allowed those problems to exist.

By highlighting the root causes of America’s greatest problems, we are able to offer hopeful solutions that satisfy the most important concerns of those on both the “left” and “right.”

After identifying the most important “root causes,” we offer free and advanced training through a wide variety of outlets:

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about the healing of America through a faith-based educational movement that unites us around a hopeful, solution-oriented message.

The Healing of America

We support the Healing of America Vision as articulated by the Healing of America Foundation and are proud to participate in the Healing of America Network.

Rather than focusing on how America has been during the past 400 years or how it is today, the Healing of America Vision focuses on how we should be and expects more of each of us as we strive to realize this shared vision for a better America.

Major elements of the Healing of America vision include:

  1. Constitution—Systems of checks & balances, separation of powers restored

  2. Inalienable Rights—Broadly understood & fiercely protected

  3. Love—For God, Family, and Community

  4. Balance—Avoiding extremes of too much or too little government
Visit the Healing of America Foundation website to learn more.


Jacob Householder

President & Co-Founder

Jacob Householder is the president and co-founder of the American Center for Civic Training and Chairman of the Board at the Healing of America Foundation. He is a public speaker, researcher, and writer who believes America can be healed through civil public discourse and proper education. Jacob seeks to unify America by promoting and highlighting bipartisan solutions instead of partisan problems.

Jacob Householder has a Bachelors of Science in Financial Economics and has assisted with the creation of more than a half dozen political organizations that emphasize education over activism. He is an advocate of liberty and has dedicated his life to teaching principles of successful government and making hopeful solutions popular.

Tanner Meade

Chief Technology Officer

Tanner Meade leads engineering and product development at the American Center for Civic Training. He has a Bachelors in Computer Science and has spent the last decade starting and building tech companies from early on seed-stage through Series B. He has consulted many businesses from  domestic to international, servicing millions of daily active users. Tanner has dedicated his life to using free markets to improve our society on the individual, family, and community levels. He loves spending time with his family and getting his hands dirty in the trenches of work.

Tanner’s driving motivation has to been to learn what is involved in creating healthy and thriving businesses that dramatically improve individuals’ and families’ lives. Much of what he knows he has learned through doing and teaching. He believes that the highest manifestation of teaching emphasizes an individual’s free agency and that truth sets people free.

Carter Brown

Outreach Director

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Bryson Davis

Co-Founder & Member | Board of Advisors

Bryson is currently studying accounting and economics at Brigham Young University Idaho. He has dedicated his life to understanding the “divine science” of politics and helping others to understand the Founding Fathers’ formula for good governance. His goal is to unify and heal the nation by empowering citizens to become informed and to keep their elected officials accountable. He is an advocate for the God-inspired U.S. Constitution and will do all within his power to protect it.

Press & Media

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