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About Us

Press Release Bio

The American Center for Civic Training is an educational organization committed to providing comprehensive civic training and to popularizing hopeful solutions to America’s greatest problems.

Executive Bios

Jacob Householder

Jacob Householder is the president and co-founder of the American Center for Civic Training and Chairman of the Board at the Healing of America Foundation. He is a public speaker, researcher, and writer who believes America can be healed through civil public discourse and proper education. Jacob seeks to unify America by promoting and highlighting bipartisan solutions instead of partisan problems.

Jacob Householder has a Bachelors of Science in Financial Economics and has assisted with the creation of more than a half dozen political organizations that emphasize education over activism. He is an advocate of liberty and has dedicated his life to teaching principles of successful government and making hopeful solutions popular.

Bryson Davis

Bryson is currently studying accounting and economics at Brigham Young University – Idaho. He has dedicated his life to understanding the “divine science” of politics and helping others to understand the Founding Fathers’ formula for good governance. His goal is to unify and heal the nation by empowering citizens to become informed and to keep their elected officials accountable. He is an advocate for the God-inspired U.S. Constitution and will do all within his power to protect it.

How to Get in Touch About Media Inquiries

Don’t be shy — we’re happy to answer any questions or respond to any media inquiries. You can reach us at [email protected].

Social Media Handles

Language Guide

“American Center for Civic Training” or “the American Center for Civic Training” led with a lowercase “the”…

On first reference, please refer to us using our full name as the American Center for Civic Training. For subsequent references, you may refer to us as the ACCT. When referring to us using the acronym, please always lead with a lowercase “the.”

Logo Guide

We’re happy you’re considering using our logo for promoting, educating, or informing others about the ACCT. As a new brand, we’re very intentional about the way we present ourselves. To help you align with our expectations, we’ve included the following sections on how to use our logo. 

We are new and very intentional about the way we are presenting ourselves. We ask that you contact us for permission in using our logo, particularly on printed materials and advertising, as we’d love to collaborate with you on introducing our brand appropriately. Please email us at [email protected].  

Logo Styling

We have some expectations for our logo-use that we ask you to adhere to. Any questions you may have can be directed to [email protected].

Logo Colors

  • Use color logo on white background

  • Use white logo on dark/color background

Logo Minimum Size

The width of the logo should never be smaller than 1″ or approximately 150 px wide.

Logo Clear Space

[Always include “clear space” on all sides of the logo. Clear space should be determined by the height of the letter B found on the top left corner of the logo. This space should be kept clear of any other elements.]

Logo Placement

To avoid incorrectly implying endorsement, please request our permission when placing our logo near the logos of other organizations.

Logo Treatments to Avoid

To maintain brand consistency and professionalism, please do not distort or change the official logo in any way, such as:

  1. Stretching / excessive shrinking (unless using vector format)
  2. Distortion
  3. Recreation of logo artwork
  4. Enlarging Individual Elements
  5. Changing to unapproved color schemes
  6. Adding text
  7. Changing logo fonts
  8. Adding texture
  9. Adding/removing elements
  10. Moving individual elements
  11. Rotation

Our Brand Colors & Typography

Primary font: Cinzel
Secondary font: Oswald

Body font: Ariel