Building a Disciplined Citizenry

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to fulfill the healing of America through comprehensive civic training.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about the healing of America through a faith-based educational movement that unites us around a hopeful, solution-oriented message.

The Best America is Yet to Come.

What's Your Goal?


You're a good person and you're ready to become a good citizen. You want to know how to vote well and make sense of the crazy political world we live in. You've decided it's time to step it up and develop your own foundation and framework of principles.


Whether you are a high school teacher, a home-schooling mother, or just a cool person who wants to have great Thanksgiving conversations, you want to learn to represent important ideas correctly to relatively friendly, teachable audiences.


Politics is complicated and issues are nuanced but you are up for the challenge. You intend to "go deep" and understand each side of the issues well enough to articulate and defend your ideas in a compelling, persuasive way to friendly and critical audiences.

Good news! We've developed learning journeys to match your educational goals.

In God We Trust.

The Healing of America

Central to our vision is the future healing of America.

We believe that a faith-based educational movement with a solution-oriented message has the potential to heal much of the division in our country. This division currently prevents us from achieving a shared vision for a better America.

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Issues & Current


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