Core Beliefs

This list incorporates the most essential beliefs of the American Center for Civic Training. These 20 Key Beliefs are what differentiate ACCT from many other political organizations.

We believe…

  1. There is a God who created us and has provided mankind with a moral code for right living, and that we will be held accountable by Him for our decisions in our next life.
  2. All legitimate human laws must be based on God’s system of divine law, or natural law.
  3. Our inalienable rights come from God and are identified in scripture as anything necessary and proper for us to do to keep all of His commandments.
  4. The only moral role of government is to protect our legitimate, inalienable rights.
  5. God’s hand was in the building of America.
  6. The Founding Fathers were good, wise, and honest men who were raised up for the very purpose of designing the first free government in modern times.
  7. As the principles of moral self-government are God’s preferred pattern for limited government, the Founding Fathers were inspired in their design of the Constitution.
  8. Anything “more or less” than our original constitutional formula leads to the dangerous extremes of too much or not enough government.
  9. The U.S. Constitution is still relevant today because it is based on human nature which does not change.
  10. We are absolutely committed to the Founders’ formula for successful government.
  11. While the institutions of church and state should remain separate, the moral influence of religion should permeate American society and politics.
  12. All men and women should be equally protected in their inalienable rights, regardless of sex, race, religion, or any other differentiation.
  13. The system of checks and balances and separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution has been altered or ignored in several significant and dangerous ways.
  14. The attacks on the Constitution, the education system, the family unit, and the moral and cultural fiber of America have been intentional and carefully planned.
  15. America has been set apart as a land designated for the establishment of liberty.
  16. The Constitution’s checks and balances and separation of powers will be restored.
  17. As the Constitution has been destroyed by amendments, it must be healed by amendments.
  18. The constitutional formula can be restored quickly by addressing the root causes of today’s greatest problems.
  19. America can be healed by restoring the family unit, education, and community and international relationships.
  20. Through our faith, we can again merit God’s intervention to help us accomplish the healing of America.